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Under the Bridge


If you have struggled to achieve lasting change on your team or in your organization, you're not alone.  While many change efforts succeed at increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills, they rarely lead to meaningful a transformation of culture.

Transformation is about changing habits of thinking and behaving, so that new ways of being can emerge as the old habits are shed. 


Based in neuroscience and behavioral research, and with an embedded equity lens, our approach emphasizes implementing the right enablers  - including support and accountability - for people to adopt and sustain meaningful behavior change to achieve your organization's goals.



Areas of focus include:

  • Team-building retreats

  • Team effectiveness and resilience

  • Managing for inclusion

  • Communicating effectively across difference and power dynamics

  • Leadership development

  • Mitigating bias

  • Psychological safety

  • Adaptive thinking

 Background and experience:

  • Led diversity, equity & inclusion, learning, and organization development efforts in large, global non-profit organizations

  • Coached individuals and teams to greater effectiveness and engagement

  • Consulted with non-profits, governments, educational institutions, and businesses to increase effectiveness and achieve outcomes

  • Coached leaders to apply equity-based leadership skills in diverse organizations

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