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About Depression

Depression can feel like living your life from under a heavy blanket.  It's uncomfortable, even physically painful, but the effort required to function while carrying it around makes it seem impossible to do anything beyond simply try to keep going.

Many of us find that our usually upbeat selves struggle in the dark months of the winter.  Others find our sense of well-being has been derailed by things such the loss of a loved one, the isolation of quarantine measures, the ongoing violence against members of our community, or other circumstances outside of our control.

Signs of depression might include: a sense of hopelessness, a sensation of heaviness in the chest or a feeling of constriction in throat, physical exhaustion, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, or a lack of interest in people and activities that we used to enjoy.

The good news is that most of us have the capacity to deal with depression effectively and without medication, by adopting practices that support the well-being of our minds and bodies.

Are you ready to trade in heaviness for a feeling of lightness?  Do you want to reclaim a sense of joy and connection?  I can help.  Contact me about individual mental health services or consider joining the group series.

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