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Elevate Your Well-Being

Is it sometimes hard to get out of bed in the morning?  Or to fall asleep at night?  Have you felt a heaviness in your chest that won't go away?  Has the gloomy weather or winter darkness gotten you down?  Do you sometimes feel paralyzed by all the tasks on your list or by the many challenges in the world?  Does it ever feel exhausting to engage with people or activities you used to enjoy?

What if you could find relief from the pain, feel a sense of energy, and connect with people and activities that bring you joy?

Based on the clinical work of Stephen Iliardi and recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience, this weekly group class will guide participants through a process to free themselves from the burden of sadness, depression, or overwhelm, and reclaim the life they deserve.

The series takes place by video-conference and includes both large group and small group interaction with a focus on implementing specific lifestyle changes that support our natural ability for emotional and physical well-being.

Because the content will build from one week to the next, the series is most effective if you attend all eight sessions.

During the series, participants will:

  • Assess their current level of well-being and identify barriers and strengths to build on

  • Discover and adopt behaviors that support emotional well-being

  • Develop individualized enablers to sustain well-being practices

  • Connect with others for accountability and support

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