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Building Resilience

Have you felt exhausted by virtual meetings and limited social outings?  Has it been hard to hold all the uncertainty, pain, and upheaval in the world right now?  Are you missing beloved people or activities that have been supports for you in the past?  

What if you could deepen your store of resilience to navigate these challenges with a greater sense of ease and well-being?

When I say resilience, I am not talking about putting on a brave face or telling ourselves to “keep calm and carry on.”  By resilience, I mean our capacity to navigate difficult situations while supporting our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  

The series takes place by video-conference and includes both large group and small group interaction with a focus on trying out practical tools to increase your natural resilience, even in the midst of external challenges.

Because the content will build from one week to the next, the series will be most effective if you attend all six sessions.

During the series, participants will:

  • Assess their current level of resilience and identify barriers and strengths to build on

  • Practice techniques for increasing resilience in the face of both daily challenges and unexpected situations

  • Develop individualized enablers to sustain resilience practices

  • Connect with others for accountability and support

The Building Resilience series can be a powerful tool to increase team effectiveness and organization culture.  Contact us to learn more about organization rates and tailoring the series for your unique needs and context.

What People Say about the Resilience Series

"I'm definitely feeling more equipped to tackle life's ups and downs after attending this class. I am struggling with low mood right now due to some stressful events in my personal life so this has really helped me with perspective and gaining new tools to help me feel resilient."


—  Louisa, Talent Development Specialist

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