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Sustaining Resilience

Do you have some resilience practices in place but maybe you don't use them as consistently as you'd like to? 

Do you sometimes feel like your practices have gotten stale or less effective? 

Are you feeling good about your current practices but wanting to focus on building resilience in new areas?

You are invited to connect with a group of people who are walking the resilience-building journey, to support and magnify each other's success.

Humans tend to struggle with changing behaviors and building new habits, and regular support and accountability can increase the likelihood that we will follow through on our desired changes.  This is a chance to invest in your success by joining others for mutual support and accountability.

The series takes place by video-conference and includes both large group and small group interaction with a focus on trying out practical tools to increase your natural resilience, and implementing enablers to help you sustain your practices.

Because the content will build from one week to the next, the series will be most effective if you attend all six sessions.

During the series, participants will:

  • Assess their current resilience practices and identify barriers to sustainability

  • Practice new techniques for enhancing resilience

  • Increase the focus on enablers to help sustain resilience practices

  • Connect with others for accountability and support

What People Say about the Resilience Series

"I'm definitely feeling more equipped to tackle life's ups and downs after attending this class. I am struggling with low mood right now due to some stressful events in my personal life so this has really helped me with perspective and gaining new tools to help me feel resilient."


—  Louisa, Talent Development Specialist

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